Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laser Cost

Laser cost has dropped over the last few years to a level that most people or small companies can afford.

I remember when I 1st started laser technology in 1991 the laser cost was quite incredible with the big 40 watt gas lasers costing over 100,000$. Now they are almost cheap. I have seen the laser cost at about 1000$ for a small system now, which is ideal for the small operator, however do not expect professional results from one of these systems.

The laser cost has reduced, but so also has the cost of all the other components from beam tables to programmers, but again you get what you pay for and this is what my article is about today.

Just because the laser cost is getting cheaper from some "laser companies" does not mean that you are getting a good deal. In fact quite the opposite is normally true. The cheaper the show, normally the cheaper the product. I mean it stands to reason that you will not get a top of the range show for almost no investment.

If you want a great show, do not let the laser cost influence you too much. Take into consideration the skill of the operator, what projects they have done before and how experienced they are.

Also a laser is not just a laser. There are different beam qualities and different wavelengths to take into consideration and this will play a huge effect in the end result of the show. Beam focal points need to be thought of, especially when displaying graphics because if the beam divergence is too big, the quality of the graphics will be poor.

A cheap show that does not work is actually very expensive and a more expensive show that does what you want is actually really great value for money. The special effects of a film are normally the 2nd most expensive part of a movie to to the special handling they require so I suggest that you do not let your local light company handle such a specialized product.

Focus a little more on the final outcome of the show and the value of the production and this will without doubt justify paying a little more for the laser cost.

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